5 O'Clock Shadow is a barber shop and men's speciality store located in Downtown Auburn, California. We offer a wide variety of products including men's shampoo, conditioners, pomade, beard oil, colognes, razors, trimmers, and many more speciality products. We also have a large assortment of men's accessories available for sale like shirts, men's underwear, watch bands, and more! Whether you need a haircut, shave, or looking for the best product to make you look and feel good, 5 O'Clock Shadow is the perfect place to find great products and services for Him. 


Our barber shop offers a selection of in store services:

Men's Hair Cuts

Men's Shave

Beard Trim

Mustache Trim

Women's Hair Cuts

Hair Coloring

Touch Ups

Kid's Cuts

Facial Waxing

And More!


So, who is this mysterious “him” you ask?

“He” Can Be You! Maybe you are looking for your ideal haircut or men’s hair, beard, body, or facial care products. You know, the ones that make you feel good about yourself when you glance at your daringly handsome reflection in the mirror. Well, you have come to the right place! We’ve got the perfect products and services made just for that, and just for you.
Perhaps this "He" is your father who wants to feel sophisticated as he ages. So his desire is to come across clean-cut, understatedly handsome, and elegantly mature? Wonderful! 5 O’Clock Shadow has a wide variety of men’s products for him, too. We are more than confident the wife will approve of our selection as well.

Maybe "He" is your brother who is looking for beard oil and pomade that will have him polished up like the rugged, dangerous, and alluring man that he knows women think he is. Luckily for your brother, rugged and alluring is our specialty! 5 O’Clock Shadow can get him hooked up with the tools and items he needs to perfect his desired look!

“He” could be your teenage son. Sure, he might struggle with the regular shower here and there but the kid still wants to find an awesome manly scent to make Jennifer in 4th-period swoon. We’ve got you bud! 5 O’Clock Shadow will help young men achieve greatness even if it is just with a haircut and some soap.

Lastly, "He" doesn't even have to be He!
You don't have to fit into any category to shop here. Maybe you're tired of women’s razors that are just never sharp enough? Or maybe you don’t want to smell like “Sparkling Vanilla Dream” and favor a deep mahogany and campfire scent instead. That's awesome, we are here for you too. At 5 O'Clock Shadow, our products can be for anyone.
We welcome any and everyone who is shopping for "Him."

Here, “He” can be any individual who simply wants to pamper themselves with the finer products and services in life.

So come in, grab a beer. We’ll get you fixed right up!